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Pathfinder Society 1 news: replays granted!

Paizo has run the process to grant players of Pathfinder Society 1st Edition replays. More details are available in this forum thread, but to summarize: PFS1 players have been granted replays. The calculation seems to have been 5 replays for every 50 adventures played*, plus GM stars, with a max of 25 plus 5 GM […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for August 2019

‘finders, August approaches, and with it comes one of the bigger transitions we’ll make: Pathfinder 2nd Edition! We’ve got some PF2 slotted in across from the culmination of Grandmaster Torch’s story in the morning slot at GASP. #1-00 Origin of the Open Road is a pregen-only special and introduces Pathfinder 2 to Society play. If […] Read more

Announcing Organized Play at SIBCON 2019

Hey ‘finders, It’s that time of year again: we’re getting ready for this year’s SIBCON convention! The Warhorn signups are live and you can go pick your tables! We’ve got the relevant details on a more permanent SIBCON page, but there’s a few things I’d like to emphasize this year. First: we really, really need […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for July 2019

Pathfinders! May is in our rear-view mirror and July is coming up quickly. One of the big changes is that we only get one new PFS scenario for July, and it’s a seeker tier–a way to help wrap up the story for long-time players. Accordingly, across from the stirring conclusion to the Faithless and Forgotten […] Read more

Updates to our June Schedule

Hey guys! We wanted to let you all know about some updates to our PFS schedule this month. (and don’t forget to register for games on Warhorn!) First, we’ve added a date and a game for Heroes Ink on Saturday, June 22nd. Don’t miss the latest Thornkeep level! Second, we’ve got an extra date for […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for June 2019

June is just around the corner, bringing Origins Game Fair, Free RPG day, and the tail end of Season 10 Content! For starters at GASP game day, an ex-Venture Captain is on the run from the society! With some guidance from the Liberty’s Edge faction, it’s your job to track him down and bring him […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for May 2019

May’s here and we’re starting to see PFS1 move toward its dramatic conclusion! To kick things off, we’ve got a pair of 5-9s at GASP, including adventures in the Blakros Museum and in the frozen north in Kalsgaard. At Victory Pointe, we’re going to give Unleashing the Untouchable another shot. This seeker scenario (for levels 12-15) […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for April 2019

April’s on its way and with it we have a busy schedule–all the better for helping you avoid some of that spring cleaning! We’ve got some new scenarios at GASP, including an exciting work from a new local author–plus part three of the Quest for Perfection. Phantom has new Starfinder late in the month (and […] Read more

Victory Pointe Reopened: Gaming’s back on! (was: Gaming canceled Sunday: Victory Pointe is closed)

Victory Pointe has let us know that they’ll be open this Sunday after all. I’ve recreated the Warhorn event and signups. Please feel free to sign up if you think you can make it! Previous post: Victory Pointe let us know that they’d prefer to be closed this Sunday, March 17th, for St. Patrick’s Day. […] Read more

Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for March 2019

March is approaching fast. With it comes COSCON 2019! You can sign up at the COSCON Warhorn page, but remember that if you want to register online, you need to register by March 8. Besides a convention, we’ve got some new Starfinder scenarios early in the month, some excellent new Pathfinder scenarios at GASP, and […] Read more

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