Paizo Announces Public Playtesting for Pathfinder 2


Paizo has just announced some big news on their blog—Pathfinder Second Edition will be released at Gencon 2019. That’s not all, though: they’ll be launching an open playtest of Pathfinder 2 at Gencon this year, in August.

Playtest Details

For those of you curious about the specifics of the playtest, Paizo created a page with an overview video, info regarding playtest product, and some playtest features. Most importantly this site has a host of FAQs that may hit on some of your initial questions.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest Info

Pathfinder Society and Pathfinder 2

Pathfinder Society will continue as normal through Season 10, at which point existing scenarios from seasons 0-10 will remain playable with your original PFS characters and a second campaign will begin using new characters and the second edition Pathfinder rules.

There is a subsection of the FAQs that covers some points regarding organized play:

FAQs – Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Paizo is open to community feedback as they work through this playtest and has created forums by topic for ideas and suggestions to help shape the future society play:

Learning More About Pathfinder Second Edition

If folks want a sneak peek into the playtest, Jason Bulmahn and Erik Mona sat down with the Glass Cannon Network Crew to create the first recording of The Pathfinder Playtest in a two session podcast format.  This playthrough is an on the fly conversion of Crypt of the Everflame using Second Edition rules.

Other Questions?

There will be more information released in the coming months, and we’ll try to answer as many of your questions and concerns about the new edition as we can in the meantime.

See you in Golarion!

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