Additional Resources Update 9-20-17

Hey Everyone!
On September 20th, there was an update to Additional Resources! Here are the major updates!

In the Adventure Path books 119-121, there are a few magic items and New animal options available! Aquatic Adventures is almost entirely legal, except for a few options (air tanks, the Child of Two Worlds feat, poison sealant, and Pearl Shaped Artifacts.) In addition, the relevant rules for Aquatic adventuring aren’t mandatory, unless you are using them with an option from this book.

Adventurer’s Armory 2 makes a buch of interesting options available, except the obviously broken ones (I’m looking at you Butchering Axe) and a few weird cases (Spring-Loaded Scroll case?) Unfortunately, Craft Poppet and Modification Master aren’t legal on the feat front.

Blood of the Sea makes some really cool options available for characters other than the assumed options! As many of the races covered in Blood of the Sea aren’t legal for PFS play, the Additional Resources team decided to open up some of the options for races that have a swim speed! Really, this only applies to Undine, and Crocodile or Shark Skinwalkers, but some of the choices are pretty great!

The Elemental Master’s Handbook adds a bunch of new archetypes, but Oddly enough no spells! If you are looking to make a Genie Binder, or give your kineticist a bit of extra polish, this is the book for you!

In the Advanced Race Guide, all of the options for Catfolk Characters were made legal for those of you fortunate enough to have a Catfolk boon. In addition, any Triaxian PCs can get a Wolliped as an available mount instead of a horse, and some abilities gained by the experimenter archetype were adjusted to be more in line with Society play.

For the specific changes, please visit the PFS Additional Resources page for more information! Have fun with all the new toys!

Quinn Shannon
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Pittsburgh, PA

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