GASP Gameday this Saturday (August 13)

The monthly GASP gameday is coming up this Saturday at Springdale United Presbyterian on 859 Pittsburgh St. in (yes) Springdale.  PFS gaming will start at 10AM; we have two 5-hour slots, with an hour long (food!) break between them, scheduled.  We’ll be running the last two (*) scenarios from Season 7: the 1-5 scenario Beyond Azlant Ridge in the morning, and starting at 4PM, the high-tier (7-11) scenario Ageless Ambitions.  The latter scenario puts a capstone on some of the storyline that has been going on this season in PFS, which started with the specials that ended Season 6.

Sign up to play on the Warhorn.  You may see both games being listed as “full”, but go ahead and sign up.  Our VC, Andrew Hoskins, has signed up as an Emergency Backup GM to run a third table of each scenario.  As such, there’s still room in the morning and the afternoon.

(*) OK, these scenarios aren’t really the last two; there’s third part of the Seeker-tier Ageless Ambitions, plus the season-ending specials, but these two scenarios are the last two regular scenarios of Season 7.

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Rob Knop

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