Sibcon, GenCon and Other exciting News!

Hey Everyone!

This week is GenCon, “The Best Four Days in Gaming!” Every Year, when GenCon rolls around, there is an update to the Roleplaying Guild Guide! Among other things, this includes the addition of the Elemental races to the ‘Always Available’ list for creating new characters, and simplifies a good deal of the guide. The new layout looks fantastic, so go take a look!

Along with the update to the Roleplaying Guild Guide, there are now new Faction Journal Cards to go along with it! There are a bunch of nice Quality of Life updates to these cards, including an updated format to make them easier to print Double Sided!

With new books coming out all the time, Additional Resources and the Campaign Clarification Document have some new text added to them! Namely, support for Legacy of Dragons, the new Player Companion that is releasing at GenCon!

Last, but not least, SibCon is rapidly approaching! We are looking to run the new pregen specials that were released at GenCon this year, as well as a yet-to-be-determined Interactive! I hope to see you all in Butler in the beginning of September! Games are listed on the Warhorn for SibCon 2016, so let’s make it an awesome convention!

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

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