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The VictoryCon Registration Deadline approaches! Register before 5 PM ET this Wednesday!

Registration for VictoryCon closes at 5PM on Wednesday the 22nd. Make sure to register, and if you have any changes to your registration you want to make, get them in now! We may not be able to make changes to your registration after this date. Curious about VictoryCon? Learn more at the event page […] Read more

What do faction pins do? Faction pins in PFS

Originally from June 13th’s Pathfinder Society blog post. Updated with May 27th’s forum post. Once per session, while wearing a faction pin matching your character’s faction, you may add 1 to any skill check. If you apply this benefit to one of your faction’s favored skills, listed below, you instead roll 1d4 and add the result. For […] Read more

Welcome to the new Pittsburgh Pathfinder Society website

This is a placeholder until we get some more content. In fact, this entire site may be a bit of a placeholder! But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. – Alex […] Read more

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