Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for August 2019


August approaches, and with it comes one of the bigger transitions we’ll make: Pathfinder 2nd Edition! We’ve got some PF2 slotted in across from the culmination of Grandmaster Torch’s story in the morning slot at GASP. #1-00 Origin of the Open Road is a pregen-only special and introduces Pathfinder 2 to Society play. If you miss out, we’ll be running it again at Sibcon–don’t worry! (But do sign up.)

In the afternoon slot, we’re going to sit down and talk Pathfinder 2 in more detail! What the rules look like, how it plays, how to build a character, and how it’s going to affect Society. This isn’t an adventure–instead, it’s going to be more of a conversation.

Elsewhere, we have the awesome culmination of All for Immortality, and a new Starfinder scenario, while Heroes Ink will be hosting The Harrowing–one of the best modules Paizo has ever released, for levels 8-10.

Please keep in mind that we are continuing both Victory Pointe and Phantom of the Attic games starting at 1:00 PM —Victory Pointe because seeker content runs long, and Phantom to see how we take to an earlier schedule.

See you in Golarion!
(and in space!)

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August Lineup of Games

GASP Game Day: Saturday, August 10th

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, August 18th

Phantom of the Attic (Greentree): Saturday, August 24th

Heroes Ink: Saturday, August 31st

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