Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society for July 2018

This update brings with it our schedule for July, and with it comes some Free RPG Day fun!

We were thrilled to see many of you come out for our game of #8-99-B The Solstice Scar! This was our first run of a multi-table special at GASP, and was written by one of our own here in Pittsburgh. We’re probably going to schedule the final version of this scenario, version D, at a GASP Game Day next spring. Please let us know what you thought about running the special at GASP, either in person or by email. (Maybe using our contact form?)

We’ve got this month’s new games scheduled at GASP, as usual. We’ve also got a new games to play at both of our secondary locations this month! In order to squeeze in the special, we bumped June’s scenario for levels 7-11 (9-20 Fury of the Final Blade) to Victory Pointe in July. And at Phantom, we’re rerunning a classic from season 7: To Judge a Soul, Part 1. And for those of you who like a break from the normal, both of this year’s Free RPG Day modules are also going to be offered!

If you’re not able to make Victory Pointe, don’t despair: we’re planning to offer 9-20 again at SIBCON this fall.

Speaking of SIBCON, look for more information on PFS at SIBCON in the coming weeks—we’re working on a schedule and we’ll be ready to go whenever the SIBCON Warhorn site goes live.

See you in Golarion!
(and in space!)

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July Lineup of Games

GASP Game Day: Saturday, July 14th

Victory Pointe Games: Sunday, July 22nd

Phantom in the Attic (Greentree): Saturday, July 28th

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