PFS at Victory Pointe, Sunday December 18

We’ll be gaming between 2 and 7 PM this coming Sunday at Victory Pointe, playing two of the evergreen scenarios.  If you want to get a new character started, or (even better) if you’re new and interested in exploring the Pathfinder Society, we’ll be offering the introductory-level scenario The Confirmation.  We will also be offering the new level 3-7 evergreen, written by our very own VC, Andrew Hoskins entitled From the Tomb of Rigtheous Repose.

If you’re interested in coming, sign up for a slot at one of the two tables on our warhorn.  If the table you’re interested in is full, go ahead and add yourself as an overload to the waiting list; if we see too many players, we’ll add a GM!

Location of Victory Pointe.

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Rob Knop

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