Evergreen Adventures

Page last updated December 29th, 2017.

Lists of Evergreens by Type

What is an Evergreen?

Conventional Pathfinder Society scenarios, modules, and quests (for simplicity, we’ll refer to them all as adventures) may only be played once and GMed once for credit each, for a total of two possible chronicles per adventure*. Some adventures, however, may be replayed any number of times: these are called “replayables” or, more commonly, “evergreens.” Below is a list of these evergreens. Remember that while you, the player, can replay an evergreen as much as you want, each character can receive credit for each adventure only once.

Check both the scenario or quest itself (or the separate sanctioning document, if it’s a module) and the most recent version of the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play for complete rules. The rules in some sanctioning documents may be overridden by campaign leadership or the text in the Guide. The rest of this document serves as a summary of those rules.

* There are a few ways to replay a scenario: the Core campaign, which is counted as a separate campaign; GM star replays; the boon for the PFS survey in May 2017; the 2017 Free RPG Day boon; and a few other, much rarer exceptions.

Evergreen Rules

Generally, any adventure in tier 1 or tier 1-2 is infinitely replayable provided that you play it with (or assign your GM credit to) a level 1 character that doesn’t already have credit for that adventure. Adventures in the 1-2 subtier are also playable once with a level 2 character. (In other words, they aren’t infinitely replayable with level 2 characters, only with level 1 characters.) Tier 1 adventures are not playable by level 2 characters, although the text in the current version of the Guide is misleading.

There are three exceptions with different level ranges:

  1. The scenarios From the Tome of Righteous Repose and Beyond the Halflight Path are replayable scenarios in tier 3-7; any character in that level range may receive credit for each scenario once.
  2. The module Gallows of Madness has three component module-length adventures in the 1-3 level range, and they may be infinitely replayed by level 1 characters only.
  3. The quest arc The House of Harmonious Wisdom, released as #8-16, is a set of five quests in the 1-5 tier replayable by level 1 characters only.

List of Evergreen Adventures

Evergreen Scenarios

These scenarios work just like scenarios in most ways–they offer 1 XP, up to 2 prestige, and GMs receive one table of credit.

If you plan on GMing one of these scenarios in the 1-2 range, remember that they have separate subtiers for parties of average party level 1 and 2. If a level 2 character plays in subtier 1, you do have to calculate out of subtier gold. (The average of subtier 1 gold and subtier 2 gold.)

The Special Case: A “Replayable” Special

#8-99 The Solstice Scar is a multi-table special that is not replayable in the traditional sense. Instead, it is made of components that will be periodically swapped out as each season progresses; whenever the special is updated, you can earn credit for it again, as though it were a new scenario*. So far the PFS team has been referring to the different versions as -A, -B, -C, and so on.

* According to John Compton, each version of #8-99 officially counts as a different scenario for purposes of replay, allowing the same character to play each iteration as they become available. There is also a boon that rewards characters who play every iteration of the series.

Evergreen Free RPG Day Modules

The Free RPG Day modules are shorter than regular modules and usually take about as much time as a typical PFS scenario. The chronicle sheets provide 1 XP and 1 prestige. Because they are modules, GMs receive 2 tables of credit.

* Yes, We B4 Goblins! is replayable.

Evergreen Gencon Module

The one released Gencon module is shorter than a regular module and usually takes as much time (or less than) a typical PFS scenario, and is designed to be easy to run “cold” (without preparation). The chronicle sheets provide 1 XP and 1 prestige, unless you are playing the unique pregens (or you are the GM), in which case you get 2 prestige instead.

Right now this is only available in a limited Gencon print release. A PDF was expected to be released in September, but hasn’t been added to the Paizo site yet. Note that the conclusion was mistakenly not printed; the author has made it available on the product page.

Evergreen Quests

Quests are mini-scenarios that often but not always have one role-play encounter and one combat encounter. Each quest is typically intended to be run in an hour. There are four quest arcs that provide scaling rewards based on how many quests in each cycle the character has received credit for; if you complete every quest in a quest arc, you generally get 1 XP, 2 prestige, and full gold. GMs receive 1 table of credit. The quest arcs published so far have either five or six quests each.

The Silverhex Chronicles and Phantom Phenomena quests previously required the use of pregens, but have since been opened up to any first-level character. Honor’s Echo has also since been opened up as part of Paizo’s rollout of Season 9.

There has been some dispute as to whether every Quest is infinitely replayable; the current version of the Guide, on page 18, refers to “adventures” in the general sense, not scenarios or modules specifically. This would appear to clarify that level 1 quests are replayable. There is some confusion about the replayability status of other, higher level quests, including Ambush in Absalom, Fane of Fangs, and the Kobold Quarterly-exclusive quest The Urge to Evolve (KQ #23, Fall 2012, page 76). Although we do not yet have official confirmation, based on the current evergreen rules and the replayability rules for #8-16, these quests do not appear to be replayable.

Evergreen Modules

Each of these provides 3 XP, 4 prestige, and a GM receives 2 tables of credit.

* Despite some wording potentially to the contrary in the sanctioning documents, Tier 1-2 adventure path content is intended to be replayable.

Retired Evergreens

The second two parts of the First Steps trilogy have been retired as of August 13, 2013 due to changes in the factions. When they were legal to play, they were replayable.